Apr 20
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Just as a general request, do you think that you can help me make sure that Connie’s translations aren’t being spread around? If you happen to find her scanlations floating around zerochan or anywhere else (even tumblr), pleasepleasePLEASE report it and do whatever you can to take it down. She’s worked so hard to translate and typeset these for us and she wants them kept to her own tumblr. So if you see them around, please tell the person to take them down. If it’s another tumblr user, you can just redirect them to her original post to reblog it or tell them to search the tag on her blog since she tags everything.

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much, Danielle, for this!

I just want to restate the same message. If you’re reading this, and do appreciate the works here, can you please do me this favor and don’t take out ANY translations (text or typeset) or images, anywhere. It’s not hard to link back, considering this tumblr is public.

The fact that it’s floating around makes it very demotivating to continue with further translations. I haven’t decided on the future of this blog yet, but if it gets worse, I may close it down. In the meantime, please don’t take out anything!

Thank you for your consideration!

Feb 19

(I’m well aware of a lot of various scans popping up everywhere, however it’s very hard for me to trace them all down, so if you see anything I post here that has been posted before, you may kindly ignore! That and, I wouldn’t mind consolidating my own collection so that it’s easier to track.)