Nov 01
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Happy Halloween: Wand of Fortune style!

Just a little cute post in light of the occasion. Happy Halloween, dear followers!

▼ The beginning starts with an encounter with someone suspicious.

"Oh, hello there, Lulu. I was waiting for you."

"….? You know.. about Lulu?"

"Yes well, I do know you, but right now I’m going to say I don’t know you. Strange, isn’t it."

”?? …..I don’t quite understand..?”

"It’s fine perhaps, to think of this as a dream. Considering you are in such a small form now."

"Lulu isn’t small! I’m already an adult!"

"Adult? Is that so… That’s a problem then. The magic spell I was about to cast on you right now only works on children."

"Eh- …..magic? You’re going to cast magic on Lulu?"

"Yep. So what will you do?"

"……….Um ……..Lulu is an adult, but also a child. So, cast it!"

"Ahaha, an adult but also a child. You sure are mysterious after all. ……Alright, I shall cast a magic spell on you."

"Yes yes!"

"Alright then, close your eyes and count to three. Then, I’ll cast a lovely spell on you."

"Yes! One…. Two…."



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May 25
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Wand of Fortune 2 Fandisc ~An Epilogue Dedicated to You~
Otomate otome game; Release: September 2012

Wand of Fortune 2 is getting a fandisc! There will be 3 sections:

1. Story With You 2; Happens after the Love End of WoF2.
2. Mirus Crea 500 Years Anniversary Grand Ball; Happens after the end of WoF1.
3. Great Adventure of the Little One; Lulu as a child?! Exploring Mirus Crea!

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Oct 26
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Wand of Fortune #72— An Unforgivable Man

Alvaro: I’m home~

Est: ……..

Alvaro: Oh, I wonder why I’m being glared at?

Est: ……this is quite an early return.

Alvaro: Yeah? I guess so. I really wanted to hang around until morning.

Est: !! A person like you is……!!!

Alvaro:  …..but I figured Est might get angry, so I came back without further ado.

Est: !

Alvaro: ……….

Est: ……….

Alvaro: ……It’s fine, I’m telling you. I didn’t do anything that Est needs to worry about.

Est: It’s not like I asked.

Alvaro: Yep. Although, it’s just that……

Est: ? Just?

Alvaro: ……….

Est: ……….

Alvaro: ……Lulu-chan sure lets her guard down, doesn’t she~

Est: !! A-Alvaro, just what in the world did you….!?

Alvaro: I didn’t do anything, I said. Yes. I’m serious. Really. ………probably.



After Alvaro goes out (presumably with Lulu), when you think about the feelings of Est, the one left behind alone, you can’t help but pity him~

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Oct 13
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Wand of Fortune #59— Lovey-dovey!

Alvaro: Lulu-chan

Lulu: Yes?

Alvaro: Lulu-chan

Lulu: ? ….w-what is it?

Alvaro: Luuulu-chan

Lulu: …..yes?…..

Alvaro: Just wanted to call you ♪

Lulu: ……….

Alvaro: Isn’t that the standard lovers exchange? Lulu-chan should do it too, call me.

Lulu: I think calling someone’s name once is enough….!!

Alvaro: Eh—-

Lulu: ……….

Alvaro: ……….

Lulu: …….Alvaro

Alvaro: Hm, yes?

Lulu: ……….actually, nothing….


As promised last night!

Who feels sorry for Lulu who wants to, but can’t, say she’s exhausted? He appears eccentric but actually has quite a fair share of dere sides, if you haven’t noticed lol

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Oct 08
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Ranking & Reader’s Voice

(For October)

Reader’s Most Anticipated Game:

1. AMNESIA (5892p); On sale.
2. Jyuuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~ (5478p); ReDate: 4/2012.
3. STORM LOVER ~Natsu Koi~ (4725p); On sale.
4. Uta no Prince sama: Debut (4004p); ReDate: This winter.
5. Wand of Fortune 2 ~toki ni shizumu mokushiroku~ (3691p); On sale.
6. Kami naru Kimi to (3423p); ReDate: 20/10/11.
7. Kannou Mukashibanashi Portable (2736p); ReDate: 19/01/12.
8. Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku ~kinemamozaiku~ (2677p); ReDate: 08/12/11.
9. Hakuouki Reimeiroku Portable (2125p); On sale.
10. Arcana Famiglia ~La storia della Arcana Famiglia~ (2107p); ReDate: 27/10/11.

Oct 02
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Now this is what I call precious~

 Posted today’s ranting.
Posted today’s Peter Pan 4-koma.
Posted today’s WoF2 Art Post.
Posted today’s Status Post.

…in that case, let’s throw up some cam pics of the mag! And in so doing, my God if this isn’t the most precious moment *~*

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Oct 02
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Wand of Fortune 2 Art Post by the staff in commemoration of the release on 9.29 :)

(I love how Est looks like he popped right out from the Amnesia game and Bilal looks exactly like a Fasan Prince! There’s also a really beautiful spread of WoF2 in the latest B’s Log Ikindofwanttoshare.)

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Sep 28
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Wand of Fortune 2—Scenario 7; Alvaro


Alvaro: Hey, Lulu-chan. You’re always giving me such magnificent motivation like this, aren’t you?

Alvaro: That is what they call a talent. …….no, it’s weird to call it talent, isn’t it? Right——it’s “charm”.

Lulu: Charm?

Alvaro: You’re very charming, and you always capture my heart and refuse to let it go. ……….I was thinking, ‘This is a first for me’.

The voice that whispered sweetly, and that gaze, followed me as if it was caressing my skin.

Even though it’s words which are no different from the ones he always used to say just for kicks——-

I couldn’t laugh at all.

…………..and stood there transfixed.

Lulu: ……..Alvaro. What is it that you’re trying to say………..?

My voice shook with those words.

I only wished he would smile and say it was a joke, just like he always did.


Alvaro: To have you come all this way here, I contemplated a lot over what I should say.

Alvaro: What is the best thing to do…….. what is it that I seek……….. things like that.

Alvaro: However, when I look at you now, there seems to be only one thing to say.

And the words he delivered flew far outside the reach of my imagination, and pierced right into my heart.

Alvaro: …………say, shall we love, Lulu-chan?


Alvaro is voiced by Suzumura Kenichi. (Now, voice this scene asap please!)

I tried to translate this as poetic as I could. But ohmygod, my heart…. just…. completely stolen by this scene. >//////<

This is the last scenario. You can find the previous (and everything else) here.

The game is will be out tomorrow! :D

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