Jun 18
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Utapuri Memorials No.019, Masato


Barely made it on time, but happy birthday, berselium!


Uta no ☆ Prince sama ♪ Repeat;
Memorial No.019—Hijirikawa Masato

「The Purchase of Bread」

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Jun 14
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Uta no ☆ Prince-sama ♪ 
                  ☆ Summer Vacation TALK~!

——Firstly, apologies for the extended hiatus, a lot of stuff happened in my absence, and I’ve been mostly on my personal. Thank you for all the messages you’ve sent in! I’ve read them all, despite unable to respond. Am also very surprised this blog kept gaining followers, so thank you for that!

Can’t promise much still, since the otome fandom seems so divided lately, but we’ll see what I can do. Haven’t been catching up with what’s popular either;; But anyway, here’s some long overdue summer vacation interviews.. just in time for summer ;u; Once again, please don’t take out anything from this tumblr! [ x | x | x ]

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Feb 17
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Furyu otome game; Release: April 4th, 2013

——Long overdue, I know, but here’s the rundown for those interested in this game (see under cut).

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Feb 14
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Happy Birthday, Jinguuji Ren ★ February 14th

——Dedicated to my exclusive Ren muse: Thank you, for accepting my light and darkness, and being here for me when no one else was ♥

Uta no ☆ Prince sama ♪ Debut;
Memorial No.01—Jinguuji Ren

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Feb 07

afurerukimochi asked: This is in response to KinKiro ask that you got from the annon earlier. The general route is free but if you want to play all of Ikuto's route you will have to pay ¥ 850 ($ 9,99)


Ah— A helpful soul~! And I guess I was sort of right (in that you get a free teaser;;;)

So yup, here you go anon! You can get the full route if you pay! \O/

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Feb 07

Anonymous asked: Hi thank you for your blog and great info on otome games.If I may ask a question... I'm thinking of buying this game 黒と金の開かない鍵〜郁人の鍵バージョン〜 but I'm not sure what's the difference between the free and paid version x__x I'd be grateful if you could tell me. Thank you again.

Hello Anon! Hm, I just had a look at that app on my iphone, but according to the store, both the prologue and 郁人の鍵バージョン seems to be free…? Or is it just me? (or do you pay within the game?) owo;; But then again, what I know about phone games is that their prologues are usually free, and then once you get into character routes (maybe you get a free teaser?), is when you’re supposed to start paying…

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Feb 05
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yanderecon asked: Just saw that you've been hurt in an accident? I hope it wasn't too bad? D: Get well soon and please don't overwork yourself. (´;ω;`) /charges ask with good health and energy *:・゚✧

Ah- ;u; such a kind soul, you are! Thank you so much! //hugstight// It’s relatively okay, just a bad fall leaving a sprained elbow and legs are a little immobile atm >w</ it’shealingthough!

Feb 05

barei-dreamer-deactivated201311 asked: Hi, I was just wondering if you could translate the scenes on the Amnesia Crowd official website from the gallery. :O (particularly Ikki's. x3) I love your blog btw. :D

Hi, sorry for the late reply, but yes, I’d likely get to doing that next ;u; (and thanks for appreciating my blog!)